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Wedding Planning Resources

It’s the biggest day of your life, so you need to be completely prepared. Luckily, we’re on hand to help you have a magical wedding day that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. When it comes to the daunting task of planning your wedding, we understand how challenging it can be. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best resources to get you started. Take a look at these useful tools to help with your wedding planning.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist Not sure what tasks you need to undertake? Don’t worry! This incredible checklist has you covered. From a year before, right up until wedding week, this ultimate wedding planning checklist will ensure you know exactly what you need to do and when. Print it off and keep it in your special wedding planner.

Free Wedding Planning Binder Do you need somewhere to store your inspiration, bookings and other planned details? We love these free wedding planning binder printables. Just print them out and store them in your favourite binder!

Wedding Planning Timeline If you’re unsure as to what is supposed to happen on your big day and when, this super helpful wedding planning timeline will help you to organise your wedding day so it goes off without a hitch.

Wedding Diagrams for Planning Your Wedding From beauty checklists to wedding costs, this guide has some of the best visual aids on the internet. No matter what you need help with, you’ll find something here to help make your wedding planning that little bit easier.

Choosing the date

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is when to hold your wedding. You may have a specific date in mind, such as the anniversary of when you both met, a date that is special to you both or a time of year that you have a connection with.

If you’re struggling to decide which date would be best for your wedding day, then consider these following tips.

  • Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor wedding? If you enjoy the idea of an outdoor wedding, then it’s best to choose a date in spring or summer when the weather is warmer.
  • Do you have a strict budget? If you do, then consider opting for an off season date when prices are likely to be lower and more affordable for your budget.
  • Picture your ideal wedding day. Do you require a particular type of flower which is only available in a certain season? Do you envision a wedding by the lake? Considering your perfect day will help you to decipher which time of year is best for your wedding.
  • Consider that dates surrounding public holidays or major sporting events may limit your guests availability, increase your costs with surcharges and result in planning difficulties if services are already busy. However, given enough notice, having your wedding surrounding a public holiday may allow interstate guests an additional day to travel
  • Do you have a venue in mind? Your ideal venue will have an impact on your wedding date. If you only have eyes for one venue, then you may be unable to choose a specific date if the venue is booked up. However planning far in advance can help you book your dream venue on the date of your choice.
  • Make a list of several wedding dates. Having more than one date in mind will help you to plan your dream wedding as you’ll have more chance of booking your perfect venue.
Managing your wedding budget

Establishing your wedding budget will affect your wedding day decisions. Before you plan your budget, it’s best to consider the following factors.

  • Before you contemplate your budget, quickly research the prices of venues, dresses, catering and other important services for your big day. This will help you to establish a realistic budget for each area.
  • When considering your budget, talk with your parents if you feel they may be able to assist to make a contribution or loan money. Many parents may not foot the whole bill, but they may be willing to make a contribution towards the food, entertainment or venue, for example.
  • Choose which areas of your wedding are important to you and allocate you main budget towards them. For instance, you may want to spend most of your budget on the venue, dress and entertainment.
  • Address what you can save money on. If you know an amazing caterer, you may be able to save money on food. Alternatively, you may be have fantastic DIY skills and prefer to make your own wedding decorations.
  • How many guests will you be inviting? The number of guests attending your wedding will either reduce or increase your budget. Finalise your numbers before you tackle your budget to ensure you know your exact figures.
When you have allocated a figure to each area of your wedding, ensure that you continually review your budget. For instance, if you find a stunning wedding dress on sale, you can use the savings made on another area of your wedding. This wedding budget worksheet is perfect for helping you to establish your allowed finances.
Bridal Shower & Kitchen Tea

Traditionally organised by the maid of honour or bridesmaids, the bridal shower is a memorable day for the bride to be. This gift giving party can be celebrated in a variety of ways to mark the forthcoming special day. Here are a few of our favourite ideas.

  • Morning or Afternoon tea – one of the most popular ideas for a bridal shower, morning or afternoon tea either indoors or outdoors is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Serve sandwiches, tea and cake and open gifts as you share stories with your loved ones.
  • A crafting afternoon – if you want to fill your bridal shower with interesting activities, then why not share quality time by crafting. You could try your hand at flower arranging, crochet, painting or clay.
  • Cook with friends – cook up some delicious treats by hosting a food themed shower. You could cook a light meal or bake some sweet treats which you can then devour.
  • Wine tasting – a wine tasting event at a local winery is a great way to sample some refreshing beverages while spending time with the bridal party.
  • A day at the beach – go retro and spend your bridal shower at the beach. Play fun beach games, go surfing or just relax with a few cocktails.
  • Have a spa day – what bride doesn’t want to relax before her big day? A spa day with lots of pampering and beauty treatments is ideal for both bride and bridesmaids. You could always end the day with a few evening cocktails.
  • Go camping – if you love the outdoors, camping is a great bonding experience. Go bush walking, share drinks by the campfire and make it a night to remember.
  • Host a pool party – put your swimmers on and have a party by the pool. It's super fun!
Hen's and Buck's Party
Forget a quiet night in! It’s time to have some pre-wedding fun! Grab your guys and girls and organise a hen and bucks party to remember. Here are some sensational ideas for you to consider.
  • A wild evening – the most popular idea for a hen and bucks party is an evening on the town. Visit your favourite bars and clubs, share a few drinks with friends and get on the dancefloor. Make sure you have your camera on hand to capture all those wild moments.
  • An outdoor adventure – why not grab the guys or girls and go on an exciting outdoor adventure. Go paintballing, white water rafting, boating or bush walking.
  • A dance class – okay, so a dance class may not be the ideal location for a buck’s party, but hens are likely to love it. You could try salsa, belly, contemporary or hip hop dancing. Pick up some new moves and impress each other with your best tricks.
  • Head to the beach – surfing is the best way to spend time in the water. If your skills are limited, why not organise a surfing class for the whole crew. Once you’ve learned a new talent, relax in the sun with a few beers.
  • Fancy dress – throwing a fancy dress party is the ultimate fun idea for a hen or bucks party. You could choose a theme, such as movies or music icons and dress up as your favourite stars. Why not allocate a prize for the most impressive costume?
  • A casino evening – classy and entertaining, a casino evening is perfect for all. You could attend a local casino or hire a venue and build your own casino party. Bring the champagne and get the chips at the ready as it’s sure to be an event to remember.


Bridal Gown

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel amazing. It’s your chance to be the belle of the ball and all eyes are sure to be on the bridal gown. Whether you are dazzled by a traditional white wedding dress or prefer something a little more unique, your perfect dress requires time and consideration.

Wedding Dress Style Guide

A Line – these style of dresses are fitted at the waist and flow outwards. A line dresses suit all body shapes.
Ball – ball gowns have a full underskirt and are fitted at the waist. These dresses also suit most body shapes.
Fitted – these dresses fit close to your body shape and drop straight down. Fitted dresses are best suited to slender and petite body shapes.
Mermaid – Mermaid dresses are fitted close to your body. At the knee, they flare out. This style is best suited to curvy and fuller body shapes.

Fabrics to consider

Lace – lace dresses are beautifully classic styles that convey elegance.
Silk – silk dresses are timeless and flattering. Silk dresses are especially ideal for fitted dresses.
Satin – satin dresses are admired by many. Contemporary and stunning, every bride will find a range of satin style dresses to suit them.
Embroidered – embroidered dresses are often expensive, yet they’re exquisitely detailed to present refinement and charm.

How to dress shop

  • Take a minimum of two friends with you when shopping for your wedding dress. When shopping for your wedding dress, inviting too many people can result in confusion due to a multitude of different opinions being given. It is important to have someone by your side who will give an unbiased view, so consider carefully who and how many people you'd like to go shopping with at this time.
  • Try on different styles. A dress that looks unappealing on the rack may look completely different on your body. Also consider the style of dress with the style of wedding. If you're having a beach wedding a ball gown may not be appropriate etc. 
  • Incorporate accessories. Adding jewellery or a broach can make a huge difference to your overall look.


Bridesmaids Dresses

Your bridesmaids' dresses will complement your overall wedding theme and the wedding gown. You’ll need to find a range of dresses that your bridesmaids look and feel amazing in. So, how can you ensure you find the prettiest dresses for your bridesmaids?

  • Consider opting for differing shades of the same colour. This gives an extremely contemporary look and it’s highly flattering.
  • Choose varying styles of dresses. Not only is this flattering for a range of body shapes, it’s also refreshingly modern.
  • Be different. Why not dress your bridesmaids in contrasting colours and styles. Go for metallic and nudes or be daringly different and opt for bold prints.
  • Choose a mixture of fabrics. Differing fabrics in the same shade of colour complement each other perfectly. Opt for silk, lace or interesting tulle for an interesting mix of textures
  • White is ok. If your bridal gown is off white or nude, then white bridesmaids’ dresses can make a beautiful contrast.
  • Co-ordination is key. Co-ordinating your accessories or your lipstick can make a seemingly small detail make a big impact.
  • Add bold colours. Muted shades may be traditionally used, however, bold hues can look interesting and unique. Try bold coloured shoes or accessories if you want to keep it subtle.
  • If you want to incorporate a popular trend, go for one shoulder detailing. One shoulder dresses are the perfect addition if your bridal gown is strapless.
  • For a dramatic look, choose black bridesmaid dresses. The contrast between a white bridal dress and black bridesmaid dresses will make a bold statement at your wedding. If you want a more subtle contrast, opt for a gunmetal shade instead.
Groom and Groomsmen Suits

Finding suits for the groom and groomsmen can be almost as exhilarating as choosing the wedding dress itself. Traditional attire can seem dull and uninteresting while fun and quirky ideas may appear over the top. How can you find the perfect balance? Here are a few of our favourite ideas.

  • Go for your fitting together. Having a group fitting will help to resolve any issues with the attire.
  • Don’t be afraid to contrast. Add contrast by choosing a different suit for the groom. One cool idea is to choose a white suit for the groom and black suits for the groomsmen.
  • Complement the bride and bridesmaids. Styling the wedding party in attire that looks mis-matched will look disorganised. Using coloured ties to complement the bridesmaid dresses is perfect for creating a contemporary look.
  • Don't be afraid to accessorise with cufflinks, pocket watch etc.
  • Navy is a great alternative to black. Opting for navy coloured suits makes an interesting statement. Navy hues will complement the majority of white bridal gowns while adding a contemporary twist.
  • Add country charm with a cowboy hat. If you’re opting for an outdoor themed wedding, why not incorporate a cowboy hat into the groom’s attire. It adds character and charm.
  • Go casual. A beach themed wedding is the ideal occasion for a laid back look. A beige or tan suit paired with converse trainers is a great mix of personality and formality.
  • Ditch the jackets. Pairing trousers with a jumper or shirt adds a preppy feel. Using a colour palette will help to keep the attire looking stylish.
  • Having an outdoor wedding? Choose tailored shorts instead of trousers for a smart but casual look.
  • Be inspired by English heritage. Tweed, in particular, is a refreshing alternative to traditional fabrics.
Inviting your guests

You have the date finalised and you’re well on your way to preparing the wedding of your dreams. Preparing your invitations can be almost as exciting as the day itself. Once you have your guest list finalised, it’s time to send your invites. This is your chance to be as creative as possible! 

  • Make sure your RSVP date takes into consideration your venue number confirmation date and make allowance for late RSVPs. 
  • Include in your invitations details for nearby accommodation for interstate guests. 
  • Don't forget to explain to your guests what the dress code is for the wedding. It is recommended to provide detail rather than just state the dress code.
  • Planning a wedding by the lake? An invite in a bottle is the perfect invitation to receive. Using a mini glass (or plastic) bottle, fill a little sand in the bottom and place your invite on a scroll of paper. Placing a few small shells within the bottle is also a cute touch.
  • Is food going to be a theme on your big day? Customised printed chocolate bar wrappers are a super sweet way to invite your guests to your wedding.
  • Use social media. Print your favourite images from your Instagram account and add them to your save the date invitations.
  • If you’re having a vintage inspired wedding, send your guests a telegram invitation on rustic card.
  • For a personalised touch, create your invitations in the form of a movie poster starring yourselves as bride and groom, featuring your guest’s name. This is a simple yet really effective idea for a contemporary wedding invite.
  • Send your invitation with wedding favours. You could send sweets, chocolate or a miniature bottle of alcohol.
  • Use printed balloons. Why not print your save the date on a balloon and send it to your invited guests.
Your ceremony & reception venues

Your wedding venue sets the tone for your overall wedding day. Your ideal venue will depend on your budget and allocated number of guests. You may decide to hold your wedding ceremony in a separate place to your reception. However, depending on the theme of your big day, your venues will play a massive part in ensuring it’s an event to treasure forever. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on your venue.

  • Do you want a traditional ceremony within a church? If so, then you’ll need to arrange another venue for the wedding reception.
  • For a non-traditional wedding, you can hold the ceremony and reception in the same venue.
  • When is your wedding occurring? If it’s in summer, an outdoor wedding with a marquee for the reception area is the perfect idea.
  • Do you have a strict budget? If your budget is tight, consider a non-traditional venue, such as a barn or gallery, which is likely to be cheaper than a traditional wedding venue.
  • Contemplate your catering requirements. Will you be hiring an external catering service or will you need a venue that provides food?
  • Will you be handling your own wedding décor or do you require that service to be provided for you? Some venues may have restrictions as to what they can offer.
  • Visit your potential venue at least twice before you make a decision. Does you venue have the same charm in the evening as it does in the morning?
  • Do your research. Ask other couples who have used your chosen venue for feedback. Your venue may be stunning, but if the customer service isn’t on point, then it may be best to find another suitable choice.
The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony will depend on a range of factors, such as your religious beliefs, the venue and your budget. However, whether your special day is a civil or religious service, it will generally follow the same order of events.

The Procession - The procession is when everyone walks down the aisle and takes their designated seats. The order of entrance will depend on your values. At a typical wedding, the groom and groomsmen are in place, while the rest of the wedding party walks down the aisle. Bridesmaids walk first, followed by the maid of honour, flower girls or ring bearers, and the bride and her father walk last.

The Officiant - The officiant of the ceremony will open the proceedings and reflect on the importance of the vows you’re about to take.

Exchanging Vows - You may decide to write your own vows or choose traditional vows to recite. Once your vows have been exchanged, it’s time for the exchange of rings.

The Pronouncement of Marriage - The officiant makes the marriage official, followed by the first kiss as a married couple.

The Recession - The bride and groom depart, followed by the wedding party and guests.

Ceremony Rituals - Common rituals that occur during the ceremony include poems, hymns, songs, readings, lighting candles, remembering loved ones and music. The rituals you choose will be special to you and are likely to depend on your culture, religion and formality of the wedding ceremony itself.

Beauty Tips

You want to look luminous on your wedding day, so starting a beauty plan months before your big event will help you to look beautiful and radiant.

Six Months Before
  • Start healthy eating and taking part in exercise two to three times per week.
  • Take vitamin supplements to enhance your hair and complexion.
  • Book a makeup and hair trial.
  • Decide on the makeup and hair products you will use.
Three Months Before
  • Test tanning products to find the best one for your wedding day.
  • Undergo teeth whitening.
  • Prepare your beauty accessories for your wedding day beauty kit.
A Month Before
  • Have a gentle facial treatment.
  • Have a haircut (around two to three weeks before your wedding).
Wedding Week
  • Wax.
  • Have a massage to keep you relaxed.
  • Hair colour treatment if you are choosing to go with a different colour.
  • Deep condition your hair.
  • Get a spray tan (make sure you exfoliate beforehand).
  • Get a manicure – gel nails are the perfect long-lasting solution but should be applied a few months prior to strengthen and lengthen your nails.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Makeup and Hair Tips

Choosing your wedding day makeup and hairstyle can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling stressed at the thought, remember that less is more. Natural looking makeup beautifully complements a wedding gown and will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. For long-lasting makeup, use a primer before foundation to ensure your base stays put. A good makeup artist will be able to make suggestions as to which products suit you best. 

For hair, why not choose a version of your favourite style. If you enjoy wearing your hair down, then opt for classic waves, whereas a sleek bun or braid will make a stunning up do.



Floral arrangements are often overlooked in favour of the wedding dress and other important factors. However, your wedding flowers can make a significant difference to your big day. Floral centrepieces and bouquets will add decadent charm to your fairytale wedding so choose your arrangements with care.

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers

  • Shop around – if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to find the best value possible. Research florists in your area and find reviews online to discover if they have a good reputation.
  • Prepare numbers – to get a quote, the florist will need to know how many guests you’ve invited and how big your wedding party is.
  • Your wedding theme – a good florist will be able to produce floral arrangements that match the theme of your wedding. It’s also a good idea to show a picture of the bridal gown and wedding attire, so your bouquets will complement them perfectly.

Popular Flowers

  • Calla lily – this petty flower represents beauty and femininity, and is ideal for both tall arrangements and button holes. It’s available all year round.
  • Camellia – symbolising loveliness and contentment, this charming flower blooms from winter until spring.
  • Chrysanthemum – this bright flower, representing joy and optimism is available all year round.
  • Gardenia – exuding a fragrant aroma, this flower is available all year round and signifies joy and peace.
  • Gerbera – this year round flower comes in various bright colours to represent friendship.
  • Orchid – this popular wedding flower symbolises luxury and is available all year round. Orchids look beautiful in a bouquet or as a boutonniere.         

Every bride wants to arrive at their wedding in style. Whether you prefer a classic car, or the thought of something a little more creative gets your excitement levels rising, here are our favourite ideas for wedding transportation.

  • A horse and carriage – one of the most beautiful ways to arrive at your wedding ceremony is by horse and carriage. This fairytale form of transport is perfect for those having a large wedding.
  • Helicopter – if you’re a couple that loves action, then what better way to arrive at your wedding than in a helicopter. This idea is sure to keep your guests talking for a while.
  • Limousine – for an air of luxury, hire a limousine to take you to and from your wedding ceremony. You’ll feel like a movie star!
  • Tractor – planning a rustic wedding? Why not go to the extreme and hire a tractor for your big arrival.
  • Vintage car – if you’re stepping back in time and having a themed wedding, hire a vintage care like a convertible to take you to your wedding in retro style.
  • Motorbike/Scooter – try a contemporary alternative and arrive on the back of a motorbike or scooter. You’ll be able to drive into the sunset at the end of your special day.
  • Bicycle – if you’re the active type of couple, arrive on bicycle and impress your guests.
  • Hot air balloon – this extravagant idea will truly set the scene for a spectacular wedding.
  • Boat – planning a wedding by the lake? Arrive with your wedding party via boat and make your themed day an event to remember.
Photography & Videography

Your wedding photography and videography is your opportunity to be as creative as you like. Of course, you can have traditional wedding photos, but if you want to add some fun to your big day, then these imaginative tips are the way forward.

  • Getting the girls together for an exciting wedding photoshoot is guaranteed to give you a good time. You could make cute handmade signs and hold them up as you say cheese, have a bridesmaid bouquet toss or toss your wedding shoes in the air.
  • Grab the guys and capture the groom and groomsmen on camera. Leap in the air for joy, get a few beers and say cheers or kick off your shoes and relax.
  • For the whole wedding party picture, you could write your names in lights, recreate The Beatles famous Abbey Road photograph, create your favourite movie scenes or use props to make your wedding images pop.
  • Hire a photo booth for your guests. Make some fun props like glasses, wigs, sweet quote signs or hold up childhood pictures. You can really think outside the box and create something super fun.
  • Place a camera on each table at the reception. Let your guests surprise you by taking their own photographs. You never know what you’ll find afterwards!
  • For superb videography, ask your cameraman to create a film of your wedding day in an alternative style. You could opt for a mixture of black and white and colour, cinema style or documentary.
  • Want something extra sensational? Make your own wedding music video and get all your guests in on the action.
  • Make sure you provide to your photographer and videographer a list of the must have photos or footage. This will include photos with close family members and who should be in each of the photos. Enlist the help of someone who knows most of your guests who can then gather the right people for the photos for you. 
  • Check your agreements with your photographer and videographer to ensure it is clear what you will receive as part of your package, e.g. digital copies only, prints or album. 
Wedding Reception

Sit back and relax! It’s time for you to enjoy some intimate time with your friends and loved ones. Your wedding reception will centre around your theme and venue. Are you planning on an outdoor wedding or are you having a fine dining experience? Either way, there are lots of things to think about when it comes to your reception.

  • Welcome your guests with a glass of champagne, their favourite cocktail or a fruity beverage. If you want a personal touch, incorporate your guests into your special day by placing photographs of them as part of the décor.
  • Serve delicious food. Are you planning on having a traditional sit down meal or an exquisite buffet full of tasty treats? The food you serve could be related to your theme, for instance, an appetising barbecue is the perfect addition for a beach wedding.
  • Hire a food truck. Serve delightful refreshments like iced drinks, popcorn or hot dogs as yummy snacks so your guests don’t get hungry throughout the evening.
  • Have a chocolate fountain. Every sweet tooth will revel in this popular party accessory.
  • Don’t forget the guest book. If you prefer something less traditional, let your guests sign a surfboard, wine bottles or create their own artwork. You could also get your guests to write a thoughtful message and hang it on a special tree. Love technology? Your guests could record their own webcam message to share with you or upload their own images to a special social media account.
  • Music, make sure you have told your entertainment/DJ the type of music you like and must play songs. You will typically have songs set for key moments in the reception such as the entry, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss and leaving. 

Your wedding entertainment will keep your guests amused for days to come. If you really want to wow your guests with spectacular entertainment, take a look at these inspiring tips that will really get the party started.

  • Have a wine tasting event. Most adults enjoy an alcoholic beverage, so this is the perfect idea to keep your guests enthralled.
  • Hire a dance instructor and have a dance off. You can reward the best moves with a prize.
  • Play party games. How about giant Jenga or Connect 4? Your guests will love the novelty factor.
  • Be inspired by your ancestors. Have Irish in your blood, why not hire some Irish dancers? Have American heritage? How about playing some American football.
  • Have a mini cinema. This is a fun idea for keeping children entertained.
  • Hire fairground entertainment. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, keep your guests smiling by having some favourite fairground games and small rides.
  • Entertain your guests with a magician. The tricks will please the younger crowd while your older guests will enjoy a fortune teller.
  • Offer after dinner beverages at your personal coffee bar.
  • Have a themed party. You could represent the overall theme of your wedding or opt for a casino themed evening, complete with gaming tables and slot machines.
  • Have a spectacular fireworks show and end your day with a real bang!
Gifts, Gifts Registry and Wishing Wells

You may have an extensive gift registry or decide to ask your guests to make a donation to your favourite charity. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to send your guests a list of your requirements with the invitation.

Many stores have an online gift registry, which you can sign up to and allocate which gifts you’d like to receive. Once a guest makes a purchase, it will be ticked off the list to inform others. Alternatively, you may decide to sign up to several online stores so you can receive a variety of wedding presents.

If you’re open to receiving any type of gift or something personal, ask your guests to make a handmade gift that you can really treasure. You could ask for a mixed tape, personal photo album, art work for your home or a cute DIY project.

You may prefer to have a wedding wishing well. This is a donation box in the form of a well with a bucket in which donations can be lowered into water. A wishing well is the ideal solution if you’d rather receive money instead of traditional gifts. Some guests may be unfamiliar with a wedding wishing well so a small explanation in the invitation will let them know how to use it.

If you’re planning on having a wishing well, let your guests know how you intend to spend the money. You may be saving towards a new family home, a holiday of your dreams or a trip to your favourite scenic location. Leaving a note beside your wishing well will make your guests feel at ease with donating cash instead of gifts. However, if some guests prefer to send a wedding gift, it’s gracious to accept.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a truly spectacular affair. Small and understated or large and over the top - whichever one you choose will make the perfect statement.

Wedding cakes traditionally have at least three tiers and are made of sponge and cream. However, some contemporary ideas include having small cupcakes instead of a large cake. If you’re searching for inspiration, here are some fancy designs to contemplate.

  • Place a bouquet at the top of your cake using sugar icing.
  • Have different layer shapes or piping to make your wedding cake unique.
  • Incorporate ribbon on your cake that matches your wedding theme.
  • Use delicate flowers in soft colours and metallic piping for an elegant and romantic wedding cake.
  • A Cinderella inspired cake is the perfect accessory for a modern, fairytale wedding.
  • A black and white pattern is ideal for a contemporary wedding cake.
  • Add understated sophistication by putting a bow on each layer.
  • Incorporate both your initials by having a monogrammed cake.
  • A wavy ruffled patterned cake is ideal for a beach or casual wedding.
  • Adding different patterns and contrasting colours can make a bold statement.
  • If you both have a sweet tooth, why not have a chocolate cake instead.
  • If you’re on a budget, a one tiered cake decorated with delicious fruit and stunning flowers can make a big impact.
  • Be inspired by runways trends and add fringing for an elegant vintage theme or pleats made from sugar paste.
  • Sugar cut-outs make a beautiful lace themed cake. Opt for complimentary icing colours to make your cake stand out.
When ordering your cake let your cake maker know how many people the cake is serving and if they are dessert or coffee size serves. Traditionally the top tier is saved by the bride and groom to have on their first anniversary. 

The wedding is over and it’s now time for you to spend some personal moments together. Here are our picks of the most romantic places in the world.

  • Bora Bora – with crystal clear blue skies, white sands and striking coral reefs, this beautiful island is what dreams are made of.
  • Paris – the ultimate romantic destination, Paris is bursting with food, culture and attractions that make this city one of the best in the world.
  • Scotland – the perfect paradise for rural lovers, Scotland’s stone cliffs, cultural hotspots and laidback atmosphere make it ideal for honeymooners.
  • Venice – unwind on a gondola as you sail past historic landmarks and picturesque views. As pretty as a postcard, Venice is a city to admire.
  • Bahamas – tropical beaches, radiant sunshine and blue seas are just some of the features that make the Bahamas a dream destination for honeymooners.
  • Santorini – this Greek island is known for its whitewashed villas and stunning sunsets. Relax on the beach or enjoy the nightlife with an evening of food and wine.
  • Bali – explore the stone temples, striking beaches or capture Sumatran elephants on camera. Bali will give you a honeymoon to treasure forever.
  • Madrid – the vibrant Spanish city is known for its incredible boutique stores, flamenco dancers and tasty tapas. If you love adventure and sight-seeing, Madrid is the city for you.
Thank Yous

It’s tradition for the bride and groom to say thank you to the wedding party with a memorable gift.

Say thank you to your parents

Your parents have played a massive part in your upbringing so it’s time to show them how much they mean to you with a sweet gift. Offer the mothers of the bride and groom a piece of engraved jewellery, a personalised photograph or bottle of perfume. For the dads, a bottle of their favourite drink always goes down a treat.

If you’re on a tight budget, you could dedicate your first official dance to your parents or incorporate their wedding photos into your own wedding day. A photograph of you all together, a video slideshow or a personalised handkerchief are all sweet ways of saying thank you.

Say thank you to your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Unique monogrammed gifts are a special way to say thank you. You could give your bridesmaids and groomsmen anything from technology gifts, such as headphones, to personalised stationery, beauty treatments or a gorgeous piece of jewellery. Candles, flowers and perfume make great gifts for bridesmaids, while groomsmen will love a mobile phone charger, cufflinks or a pair of sunglasses.

Say thank you to your guests

Sending a handwritten note to your guests along with a photograph from your wedding day is a special thank you sentiment.


To be legally married in Australia, you must be at least 18 years old, unless a court has approved a marriage for a person aged between 16 and 18. You must also understand what marriage means and sign important paperwork to declare the marriage.

At least one month before your wedding, a Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed. This will show evidence of your identity, date of birth, place of birth and any previous marriages. Your officiant can help you fill in this form.

On your wedding day, you need to sign three marriage certificates, which need to be signed by the officiant and two other witnesses also. You will receive a copy from your officiant, who will be required to register your marriage with the registry of births, deaths and marriages in the location you married within 14 days.

The registry of births, deaths and marriages will issue you a certificate, which you will need to apply for as it may be required for specific official purposes.