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  • The Public Servant, the Barista, and the Pumpkins
    The Public Servant, the Barista, and the Pumpkins
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    There is a song by the Beatles called “I’ve Just Seen a Face”, the second verse has the lyrics…

    “…had it been another day, I might have looked the other way and I’d have never been aware; but as it is I’ll dream of her tonight…”That pretty much sums up how Gavin and I came to be.

    I work for the public service and through a Machinery of Government, changed job locations early in 2014. Before long, I had happily settled in to a new role, in a new team, in a reforming Department, with my new colleagues welcoming me and all my quirkiness. The latter I think taking longer, but I wore them down in the end!

    Being a person who enjoys Halloween, and any excuse to spread cheer, I was delighted to discover that my new manager’s birthday fell on Halloween. Getting in early one morning, I decorated her office with Halloween spirit; her squeals of delight grew louder and louder as she drew nearer and nearer to her office. It still warms my heart to remember how happy that small gesture made her.

    As I said, I like to spread cheer, so I had also made up candy gift baskets for those in the Department who worked with my team, ranging from VIP contacts in tech support, travel support, and of course our local coffee shop. So when it came time for our usual coffee run, I picked up our goodies, turned on my flashing pumpkin necklace, and donned my Halloween headband (as modelled by my friend Jim in the photo), which happened to have two bouncing pumpkins on top. Glorious!

    It was at this point, my new, dear, and wonderful colleague, who at last grown accustomed to my quirks asked with all the hope in the world in her eyes…“are you really going to wear that?”. “Yup” I said. With only a brief shake of her head off we went. I have to give her credit, she walked by my side the whole time.

    Now this is where the song lyrics come into play. Gavin says that he knew who I was, knew what my order was, knew I was a nice customer. But seeing me walk in that day, at that point in time, wearing a headband with bouncing pumpkins made him stop and look. Gavin told me that he thought to himself, there’s a girl enjoying life, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. So he decided to try and get to know me better, and so begins the story of Lisa and Gavin.

  • Leap Day Love
    Leap Day Love
    Wedding Date
    29 February, 2020

    We're Grace and Adam, and we are having a long engagement so that we can celebrate our 10th anniversary by getting married on the 29th February 2020.