Changing Your Name after Marriage

​As a Celebrant often organising applications for couples to receive their official Births, Deaths and Marriages standard marriage certificate** after their wedding, I am often asked if this is the certificate needed to legally change a surname. Although not strictly the role of any Marriage Celebrant to be involved in the name change process it is a common question and is generally a straight forward response to most couples.

How to Accept Help While Wedding Planning

​If you recently got engaged (congratulations!), you’re probably knee-high in wedding planning. You may already know exactly what you want and have created a long list for yourself of what needs to get done. Your mom and your bridesmaids are constantly asking if you need help, but you keep turning them away because you want to get everything done yourself.

Tips to Get Your Wedding Photos Done Quickly

Wedding photos are a big part of your wedding – in fact, you’ve probably spent a lot of time prepping from them. Which type of photos do you want? How is your hair going to look? Yet, once it gets closer to the wedding, you might find that you’re more concerned about having the time to enjoy your day, instead of taking up so much time with wedding photos.

How to Transform Your Reception Space

We’ve all been there – we’ve found the perfect location to have our wedding – the ceremony site is beautiful, the food is delicious, there’s gorgeous grounds for photos, and the price is right. Everything is perfect, except the reception site. There’s outdated carpet, the walls need to be painted, the tables aren’t the right style, and so on. The rest of the location is so perfect though, and you don’t want to give that up! Is it possible you can transform the reception space, even with the major downfalls, to make it the space you’ve been dreaming about?